Website Design


We not only build websites here at The Media Park, but we can also refresh your old one to make it more relevant in todays market.

Gone are the days of yellow pages where people open a book to find you, now they will google your business online. Your business website is often the first experience your prospective client has with your brand and is now one of your most powerful marketing tools.

The most common feedback we get from our clients before they engage our services are: –

  • Our website is too old and doesn’t reflect our current brand / personality.
  • Our website is chunky and too difficult to navigate.
  • Our website isn’t mobile compatible.
  • Our website takes too long to load.
  • Our website ranking is terrible.
  • Our website doesn’t incorporate our social media handles.
  • Our website has no CTA feature (call-to-action)

If any of this sounds familiar, you have come to the right place!

Our website options are both flexible, affordable and are custom designed with your business in mind. Our experienced team will research and select keywords that are relevant to your business and or industry and will then incorporate these into your website for SEO purposes.

Collaboration is key with building any type of relationship and this is the same process for building your website!  This is what you will get from our team: –

  1. We meet and discuss what you are looking for (strategy session) and what you ultimately want to achieve
  2. We will go away research your industry and identify keywords that will assist with ranking as part of your search engine marketing (SEO).
  3. We collaborate and embed critical information that is required such as your brand identity style guide and imagery and will start designing and building your website.
  4. We go through and review the site together (after this has been assessed internally and quality checks have taken place)
  5. We launch and recommend strategies for continual partnership in growth.

With a background also in e-commerce, we not only help you tell your story, we assist with online sales which is a huge factor in most retail businesses these days. We give you all the tools you need to sell and manage your online store whilst being able to offer all other area of digital marketing.

The customer experience is always top of mind when we build and design! If you are ready to start building your new website and / or want to refresh your old one…. simply click on the link below.