Full Service Digital Marketing


A word that you hear almost daily. For us, we love it, we live it and we’re good at it! 

You don’t need to be spending a fortune to get results! Our team will ensure that your business can be scaled up and or down depending on the goal of your campaign. We love goals, so sharing them with us is an important part to your success. Creative is key to ensure a solid CTR (click through rate) which can ultimately convert to sales. Luckily, we can do both.  Let’s take a tour through the fun house of Digital marketing for you: 

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

A strategy for marketing on search engines, in particular Google. The goal is to drive traffic to your business website and or social media pages whilst drawing attention to your brand. We do this to generate leads and convert leads into sales. 

SEM involves a paid advertising strategy as this will increase your company’s visibility online.  

There are two options here, PPC (or as we call it ‘pay per click’) and SEO (search engine optimisation) which we will deep dive further. Time to grab some fairy floss…

PPC = Pay Per Click

Simple yet effective. As a business owner you pay a set fee for advertising. This will ensure that your website link appears at the top of the web search results list.  You pay for only the number of clicks that your link receives.  

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

We think it’s straightforward but often people get this, and SEM confused. As a business you need to incorporate highly searched for keywords into the content of your website (just like we are doing right now). By adding relevant keywords, this will help your website and or social media posts appear higher in a search list. Now, here comes the big buy bear of ours! Whilst this is free it will cost you your time… you need to spend time on your business in the high value space, not in your business. To ensure that this is being done right, you do need to ensure that your website is being updated regularly especially due to changing market conditions. By changing keywords often and adding more into your website like Blogs, you will continue to rise in the ranks  

The most common search engine platforms for SEM marketing is Google Ads.

What are the technical terms involved with SEM (search engine marketing)?

Don’t worry, we can help with a list of the terms below: –

Ad Campaign

Also known as a search engine advertising campaign. It involves all the ads you will place on a search engine that has the same branding and CTA (call-to-action message).

Advertising Network

This is a series of websites where your advertising will appear. This is called a Display Ad network on Google AdWords. We help customise your advertising network and can offer guidance on what type of websites your ads can appear on. 

CTR = Click-Through Rate

This is the number of clicks your ads get from web users. The higher the better!  

Display Ads

A term originated in newspapers, so the same principles apply. This is where graphic ads are shown on a web page. Display ads can be graphics, videos, interactive images etc. 

Impression Rates

How many times your ads appear on a search engine when a related term is typed in.

Performance Score

End data on how your ad campaign is performing. This is based on CTR, landing page traffic, keyword quality and others.

Pre-Roll Video

Video ads played before video content is played. This can be used across social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and is best used on YouTube.

SEO Keywords

These are search terms related to your products or services that have a high search rate. You can incorporate your content to increase visibility in a search result and boost rankings.

SEM Strategy

Paid ad campaign to increase your brand’s visibility on search engine results and increase traffic to your business websites.

Digital Audio | In-stream Audio

We see this as an untapped opportunity which can be extremely cost-effective. Online streaming allows for extreme targeting in terms of consumer behavior and placement such as geo-locations. This can be measured unlike traditional audio. Spotify is a great example with mainstream media now following suit such as SCA’s newly launched Listner 

BVOD = Broadcast Video On Demand

This medium is on the rise and has experienced exponential growth during the lockdown.  Also know as Broadcaster Video-On-Demand, it includes content crafted for digital platforms that is made available on-demand from the traditional TV broadcast stations which include SBS, Nine, 10Play, 7Plus and Foxtel Now.  

With more options than every before in the digital space, you need a team that you can trust and who understands the market. Our team are experienced and here to help. Simply contact us below.