Social Media Marketing


Ain’t nobody got time for that! This is something we hear all too often and it’s not going away.   

If your business is not advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn, then you could be missing a pivotal piece of market share. This platform is a chance for you to connect and engage with your community and highlight your services to your potential customers who may not know of you…. just yet. 

It’s all too difficult and time consuming! 

Thankfully, that’s where The Media Park can help. We are trained, love what we do and live and breath social media every day.  Our team are passionate about creative and will ensure that your marketing is holistic. We can bring everything together to ‘boost’ your overall marketing strategy so that you can achieve better brand recognition, leads and a stronger following.  

The Media Park Social Media Strategy

Our goal is to help you craft strategies that relate to your brand and who ‘you’ are whilst promoting your product and service in the most authentic way possible.  We do this by working together month in and month out and developing a social media plan to grow your target audience and ideal customers 

What we cover:

  • Social Media Account creation, management, and daily oversight, including Facebook and Instagram.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share content that builds meaningful connections and your brand awareness.
  • Management of Instagram posting
  • Management of Facebook posting.
  • Management and creation of Instagram Stories.
  • Engagement with audience through liking and commenting on community posts.
  • Monthly reports on performance.

Monthly Social Media Partnership – How We Can Help Build Your Audience

  • Customised number of posts per month on Facebook & Instagram including stories across Instagram.
  • Create ‘Highlights’ on Instagram.
  • Strategic planning meeting per month including content development.
  • Monthly Content Calendar for review / approval.
  • Monthly report on tracking of lead generation campaign.
  • Create Ad Manager Campaigns (target driven via strategic approach and managed with all leads provided).
  • Recommended Ad Spend Campaign Implementation per month across Facebook/Instagram.
  • Facilitate Ad Campaigns with Clients Graphic.
  • Creation of Facebook Pixel if not active / business manager set up.
  • Consultancy from TMP at no charge for future business development.

With our trained digital team who are passionate about all things social, we can develop strong creative with killer connect which will assist in growing your brand presence and help grow your audience and overall reach.  

We can also bring together all your digital marketing from SEO / SEM and therefore create a holistic approach to your marketing with the same voice and creative appeal.  

As an independent agency we can facilitate social options nationwide through our satellite offices located in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.  

From beginners to the more experienced, we have customized social media options to suit.  All it takes is one click and you’re on your way. You’ll never worry about your socials again once you ‘engage’ with our team.